3rd-hotel-show-in-ethiopiaWelcome to Hotel Show Ethiopia

On behalf of the official sponsors, partners, participants and visitors of The Hotel Show Ethiopia Hospitality and Tourism Trade Fair (Expo); we welcome you to our interactive website where you can find all relevant information about The Hotel Show Ethiopia Expos and the hospitality and tourism industries in Ethiopia.

When we conceive the idea of this event-which is the first of its kind in the country-our visions were to create an environment for all key role players in the hospitality and tourism sectors to have a common venue for all industry related topics. In particular we envisioned fashioning a platform for importers and suppliers of hospitality related products and services showcase their latest equipment for hotel owners and potential future constructors where by crafting an efficient market link, as well as share their best practices and meet end users. We have also planned to urge participants to see the bigger industrial picture, evaluate current trends and gaps and dare to expand the reaches of their influence into the regional, continental and international hospitality markets.

To develop a high standard tradition in such event, we have done years of thorough preparation and research on best practices of organizations of similar events from other countries, accordingly we have put the at most effort with consideration of our governing realities. Similarly we expect participants to be at their best state of preparation and presentation of their products and services as well as being open for learning and sharing among each other.

This expo has come to reality with the invaluable help of our supporters, hence we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to The FDRE-Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The FDRE-Ministry of Trade, The Authority of Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Office for their understanding and unconditional support in the establishment of this trade fair.

 Advantage for Participants
  • Direct access with all key role players of the hospitality and tourism sectors such as; decision makers, competitors, intra-industry chain costumers and end users.
  • Guaranteed visit of tens of thousands of visitors largely comprised of middle and above middle income group of the society, who are the potential clients of the businesses.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing with some of the most distinguished personalities of the sectors in the country and from abroad.
  • Continued consultancy and information service on any hospitality and tourism related subjects such as; new business tart up strategies, operation and marketing tips and other infos from the organizers office.
  • Access to data base of all panelists and discussed issues (Up on official request).
  • Priority for participation of future Hotel Show Ethiopia Expos.
  • World’s best tour operators data.