• Fastest growing economy in the world with annual GDP of 11%.
  • Large amount of irrigable land.
  • Enormous quantity of water and mineral deposits.
  • Highly developing infrastructure and logistics.
  • Pro investment government;
  • Politically stable and secure;
  • Macro-economic stability;
  • Regional and international market opportunities;
  • Competitive investment incentive packages;
  • Investment guarantees and protection;
  • Exceptional climate; and
  • Competent and trainable cost efficient labor by African standard.

Ethiopia is one of the rare African countries with religious harmony between the two main groups Christian and Muslim, this harmony is a long standing historical and cultural tradition of the country. In general, Ethiopia is a safe place to live and to work.

Ethiopia is the assumed capital city of Africa, seat for numerous United Nations and other international organizations, and diplomatic missions. Ethiopia is the venue for numerous conferences and seminars and home of a thriving commercial community. It is therefore high time to invest in this historical land.

Political Stability

  • Ethiopia is considered as one of the most stable countries in Africa.
  • The Constitution of the country, adopted in 1995, provides for a multi-party political system.
  • Elections are held by universal suffrage every five years.
  • The FDRE has a parliamentarian form of government with a bicameral parliament which comprises the House of the Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) and the House of the Federation (HoF).
  • The House of the Peoples’ Representatives is the highest authority of the Federal Government.
  • Power of government is assumed by the political party or a coalition of political parties that constitutes a majority in the House of the Peoples’ Representatives (HPR).
  • Executive power is vested in the Prime Minister, elected from among the members of the HPR for a five-year term.
  • Ethiopia may well be considered as a country with the lowest levels of crime and corruption among least developed countries.

Data Source: Ethiopian Investment Guide 2014