When: June 8-11, 2017
Where: Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
What is the Tradeshow About?

Central Event Theme:Hospitality Investment & Business Creation-Value Exchange-Global Market Networking

Particulars:An International Standard Platform Shared Among Major National and Global Hospitality Industry Stakeholders.The abundantPotential and Hospitality Business Opportunity in Ethiopia &Africaand The Latest &Most Advanced Hospitality Brands Leading in the Global Market.

Exchange of Industry Knowhow, Experiences, New International Trends, Advancing African Hospitality Service Practice into Higher International Standards, Enhancing Inter-African Hospitality Business Transactions and exchange.

– Major Happenings and Activities on the 5th Hotel Show Africa-2017
-1-More than 180 Exhibitors Showing the Latest Products and Services in the Global Hospitality Industry
-2-More than 250 Internationally Prominent Hospitality Brands, Represented by Manufacturers, Importers, Distributers and Agents
-3-Educational Sessions and Discussion Forums on Selected African Hospitality Agendas, with Expert Panelists in National, Continentaland Global Proficiency
-4-Hospitality Professional Competitions and Award
-5-Demonstration of Ethiopian Traditional Closing DesignsAdaptedto Hospitality Servicing
-6-Recognition of Best Hospitality Service Providers, New Trend Setters
-7-Acknowledgement of Individuals and Companies with Stellar Industry Contributions
-8-Various Entertainment and Fun Activities, with more than 25,000 visitors, mostly industry stakeholders, customers and end-user
– Registration and Participation

Registrations HasAlready Started.With High Level of Interest&Industry-Wide Coverage.

Have You Registered and Booked Your Place Yes? If not, you are welcome to reserve your place as soon as possible! AVAILABLE SPACE ARE LIMITED!

Contact Us [the organizer] or meet our sales crew at your place & time of continence.
– Hotel Show Africa 2017-Organizer’s Information
Address: Cameroon Avenue, Abyssinia Building-The Old Block- Bole Medahnie-Alem Church Area, Office No. 204 Telephone:Direct Line 0118693430     Mobile [Sales]: 0934240443/45

 Be Part of the Biggest Hospitality Spectacle in Africa!!