Inside the headquarters of Ozzie Business and Hospitality Group, an office that is as extraordinary as a studio apartment in Bole, Kumeneger Teketel is multitasking. He is seated comfortably in an office facing the magnificent landmark Bole Medhanealem Church with A view of the capital that is fast becoming a city of skyscrapers. He is answering his phone that is ringing regularly, signing checks, mentoring young people who have come to have an audience with him and inquiring about the fresh-cut flower he sent to the mother of a colleague.

There are artifacts on his wall from the countries he has visited, many beautiful African artifacts and a portrait of him with the president of Ethiopia that is placed prominently in front of him and of others. He has had little sleep all week but then again, he rarely sleeps these days. He has become a pioneer in the local hotel industry where leading actors want to consult and be friends with him.

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